What is a Granny Flat & Basic Approval Requirements

Granny Flat - Red roof
Country Granny Flats – 2 Bedroom 60m2 cladded Granny Flat with tiled roof

Does your block comply?

A Granny Flat, otherwise known as a secondary dwelling is simply a small second house. It is typically located beside or behnid an existing dwelling on residential property.

A granny flat cannot be larger than 60m2 (including external walls), and can have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.

A porch and/or alfresco can be added for external living enjoyment. A garage can also be included if access for a car is available making the home complete.

There are two paths to approval for Granny Flats in NSW. By far the easier & most popular method is Complying Development. This means that council approval can be bypassed and an approval through a Private Certifier is granted.

In order to qualify, the block must be zoned R1, R2, R3 or R4. It must be at least 450m2 and 12m wide at the building line. Typically a granny flat must be set back 3m from the rear and 900mm from the side boundaries.

There are other requirements. Please see www.countrygrannyflats.com.au/approvals/ to learn more. If your property does not comply, then the standard DA (Development Application) path through local council is taken.

For more information visit www.countrygrannyflats.com.au or call 1300 03 04 05.

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