Country Granny Flats the process

Our Process


Does your property meet the minimum requirements for Granny Flat development?  We can easily answer that question by performing a desktop assessment.

We will check your lot size, width, setbacks, surrounding environment (laneways, reserves etc)

If you happen to have access to the following documents we can investigate further to confirm compliance and to determine whether there are any land issues that may add cost to the project.

10.7 Certificate

Title Search

Sewer Diagram

Country Granny Flats Assessment Docs


Our building & compliance inspector will visit your site to check and record the  following information:

  • Access to the proposed building area
  • Slope of your property (Is it higher or lower than the street?)
  • Stormwater, Electricity, Water, & Gas connection points
  • Trees within the proposed Granny Flat location
  • Positioning of the Granny Flat
  • Any demolition or works by owner prior to construction

At this time, we will discuss your ideas so that they can be included in your proposal.

A site visit takes approx 20 minutes

Country Granny Falts -Site Inspection


A detailed quote will be prepared and delivered to you.

The quote will cover the following:

  • The best shape and location for your granny flat
  • How and where the services will be connected (sewer, water, stormwater, data & electricity)
  • Full list of inclusions
  • Optional upgrades if required

If you’re happy to move forward at this point, we will ask you for your acceptance and the Design & Approval process will begin.

You can expect your quote to take 3-5 business days to complete.


Country Granny Flats - Quote


The Design & Approval stage is where all the project planning is completed. Here’s what you can expect.

  • A survey of your land will be ordered
  • A preliminary concept site plan and floor plan will be provided for your review
  • We will complete a material and colour selection session together
  • Full architectural plans will be drawn upon concept sign off
  • Water authority approval completed
  • Structural and Stormwater engineers engaged
  • Application and preparation of documentation for submission to Private Certifier
  • Building Contract prepared and signed
  • Project prepared and handed to construction team


This stage takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.

Country Granny Flat - Design & Approval


We will introduce you to our Construction Manager who will handle your project for the duration of construction.

Since we are systemised and organized you can expect completion of a granny flat in approximately 14 weeks.

Once complete, we will provide your Occupation Certificate and handover the keys!

Now it’s your turn to enjoy the many benefits of owning a Granny Flat for years to come!

Country Granny Flats - Construction


On completion our Private Certifier will complete a final site visit.

Once satisifed that the building is suitable for occupation (as required by the Building Code of Australia and Complying Development (or DA) approval), the Certifier will arrange your Occupation Certificate approval. An Occupation Certificate will be produced, given to you and registered with your local council.

At this stage, we will hand over your keys!