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Backyard Income – Are You Missing Out?

By Sandra Hanna | 29/10/2019

Do you look out your back window and dread mowing the lawn, cleaning the swimming pool or weeding the garden? Have you ever thought about just how valuable this space could be? We now live in an age where we are time poor, living costs are high and society is stressed out. The need for…

Granny Flat - Red roof

What is a Granny Flat & Basic Approval Requirements

By Sandra Hanna | 21/10/2019

Does your block comply? A Granny Flat, otherwise known as a secondary dwelling is simply a small second house. It is typically located beside or behnid an existing dwelling on residential property. A granny flat cannot be larger than 60m2 (including external walls), and can have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. A porch and/or alfresco…