Backyard Income – Are You Missing Out?

Do you look out your back window and dread mowing the lawn, cleaning the swimming pool or weeding the garden?

Have you ever thought about just how valuable this space could be?

We now live in an age where we are time poor, living costs are high and society is stressed out.

The need for affordable housing is at an all-time high along with more money and more time.

The solution: A Granny Flat.

Eliminate mowing lawns, weeding gardens, pool cleaning and wasting time all while earning a great passive income.  

Imagine making an additional $350-$550 per week from your back yard (Area dependent)

Here are the numbers:

Let’s assume the Granny Flat is rented out at $450 per week.

Granny Flat Development Cost $120,000
Granny Flat Repayments (3.6% per annum P&I @ $617per month) $7,404
Rental Return P.A (Based on $450 per week) $23.400  19.5% ROI per annum
Rental Return less Repayments
$15,996 in you pocket every year A CASHFLOW POSITIVE INVESTMENT

Imagine how you can use this additional cash. Here are some ideas:

  • Pay down the existing mortgage
  • Save years of repayments and reduce your interest costs
  • Provide additional income for your family
  • Partially retire a working partner

If your property is over 450m2 and at least 12m wide, then this pre-qualifies you for a granny flat.

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