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Welcome to Country Granny Flats

We are here to help you focus on what matters most. It may be more time, more money, peace of mind or keeping a loved one close by.

We can show you how to take that empty space in your yard and turn it into something that will give you a financial and/or emotional return for many years to come.

For most people, this is a life changing opportunity.

At Country Granny Flats, we can show you how and we will take care of the Design, Approval and Construction process for you!

What Is A Granny Flat?

A Granny Flat, otherwise known as a secondary dwelling is simply a small second house. It is located on a property which a house (primary dwelling) already exists.

A granny flat cannot be larger than 60m2 (including external walls), and can have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.

A porch and/or alfresco can be added for external living enjoyment.

A garage can also be included if access for a car is available making the home complete.

Country Granny Flats

Why Build A Granny Flat?


It’s such a nice thing to help your family by allowing them to build and live on your property. You’ll have the comfort of them being close by, yet there is separation providing privacy. It could be a retiring parent, a young couple just starting out, or single parent needing an affordable living solution.

Property Investment

A Granny Flat is an ideal investment tool. Most investors achieve a 17% p.a return on the granny flat investment itself. This can be enough for a property to become cash flow positive in most cases. The additional income can help pay off the mortgage faster.

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A granny flat offers an opportunity for easy retirement by downsizing, living in the granny flat and earning an income from the main house… all without the cost of selling and moving.

Additional Space

For growing families who like where they live and don’t want the added expense of selling and moving, a granny flat is an ideal way to extend family living. A granny flat can be used as a home office, hobby space and/or a space for visiting house guests.

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What Our Clients Say...

Thanks guys! We're so happy with the whole experience and final result! The process was easy and smooth right from the initial planning stage through to construction. You have a great team! We love our Granny Flat and will highly recommend you to our friends and family.

D. Olgora (Colyton)

We really want to thank you for finishing our Granny Flat before our baby was born. We've now moved in and the baby is due any day now. I'm so grateful to be living just behind my Mum. 

Also, the Granny Flat is lovely. We're so happy with the colours and finishes. You really took the stress out of the whole process. I wish you all the best.

K Greenway (Seven Hills)

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